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Center of Excellence

Our Center of Excellence (CoE) is tasked with creating flexible and efficient centralized business intelligence (BI) delivery frameworks. These frameworks provide a roadmap for helping our clients to rapidly realize the benefits of business intelligence (BI) by leveraging Altek Solutions' methodology, product expertise and industry knowledge.

Growing out of the dedicated Business Intelligence Practice at Wayseit, our Center of Excellence is built upon our industry-leading business intelligence project and consulting experience. The Center brings together Wayseit BI experts from across the organization, unifying a team with unprecedented depth of specialized business intelligence expertise and track record of implementation success.

The Center of Excellence (CoE) is responsible for providing thought leadership, delivery methodologies, best practices and knowledge sharing throughout our organization. It benefits our client organizations by empowering our ability to:

  • Leverage best practices and experience in deploying successful business intelligence solutions.
  • Deeply understand product functionality, integration and compatibility.
  • Assess key functionality and performance differences relative to competitive solutions.
  • Establish baseline performance metrics to create a foundation for business process improvement.
  • Accelerate your time to value with proven BI intellectual assets such as our methodologies, process flows and industry-specific solutions.
  • Provide a unique collaborative experience that combines deep industry skills and experience with strong technical knowledge and know-how.