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Profitability and cost management

Profitability and cost management – Identify the causes of under performance and take action to reduce costs and optimize profitability.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management helps companies:
  • User-friendly, rapid and efficient model building.
  • Flexible assignment paths.
  • Scalable, enterprise-class solution.
  • Reliable, on-demand what-if analysis and scenario modeling.
  • Higher-value cost and profitability reporting.
  • IT services costing
  • Accurately calculate and cross-charge for shared services.
  • Comprehensive invoices allow users to leverage detailed IT services usage and costs.
  • Cost to serve
  • Monitor and manage costs, pricing and true profitability.
  • Assign overheads and indirect costs to customers, products and channels.
  • Customer value analysis
  • Access cost and profitability data by customer, product or business channel.
  • Identify and understand issues quickly.
  • Bill of material costing
  • Calculate cost impact of carbon footprint and analyze for strategic decision making.
  • Assign, monitor and analyze overhead costs tied to bill of materials.
  • Activity based costing
  • Gain visibility into cost and profitability drivers through activity-centric multidimensional modeling and analysis functionality.
  • Apply multiple activity based costing methodologies including time-driven activity based costing.