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BI Platform

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform – Use a single platform with a common semantic layer, security and delivery mechanism to deliver business insight. SAP BusinessObjects BI empowers organizations to provide relevant information to anyone – from the CEO, to business analysts, to field-based staff, suppliers and partners. With SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform you have:

  • Auditing – Gives administrators the tools they need to analyze SAP BusinessObjects BI platform usage.
  • BI launch pad – Uses a portal to present BI information to users inside and outside the organization.
  • BI widgets – Widgets delivers at-a-glance business intelligence to a desktop.
  • BI workspace – Collects and combines the relevant information that users review regularly.
  • Information design tool – Create the rich semantic layer (universes) with this graphical design tool.
  • Life-cycle management – Manages the promotions of BI content throughout its typical life cycle – development, testing and production.
  • Platform administration – Use this central management console with an intuitive and comprehensive interface to manage, control and configure an entire BI deployment.
  • Portal integration – Integrates content directly with Java-based and Microsoft SharePoint portals.
  • Publishing –This mass audience distributes toll will personalize BI content in an automated and efficient manner.
  • Software development kits – Includes native Java EE and Microsoft .NET software development kits and a comprehensive set of Web services that expose BI capabilities.

SAP BusinessObjects Integration – Improve decision making with connected BI with enterprise applications. SAP BusinessObjects Integration software provides direct connectivity to enterprise applications, allowing companies to consolidate and transform vast amounts of data into reports, analyses, visualizations and dashboards while helping ensure data security and compliance. With SAP BusinessObjects Integration you have:

  • Connectivity – Gain local connectivity to data from major enterprise applications, including SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Siebel, IBM SPSS and ESRI GIS.
  • Secure access – Use existing security models and single sign-on to access BI.
  • Enhanced integration – Integrate BI into existing enterprise application workflows and portals.

SAP BusinessObjects Live Office – Incorporate data in PowerPoint Presentations, spreadsheets and documents through Integrated BI and Microsoft Office. With SAP BusinessObjects Live Office you have:

  • Self-service access – Directly access business intelligence (BI) content within Microsoft Office – without the need for IT assistance.
  • BI in Microsoft Office Outlook – Use Microsoft Outlook to embed business intelligence directly in your email messages.
  • Secure, direct refresh – Automatically refresh a single data item – or all the data – in your Microsoft Office document.
  • Formatting and calculations – Using familiar features of Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerPoint® and Microsoft Word® users can format and perform calculations.
  • Shared documents – Give instant access over the Web by publish Microsoft Office documents to the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform.