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SAP Business Objects Mobile – Use you mobile device to access reports, metrics and data. With SAP Business Objects Mobile you can:


  • Get key information on your mobile device – Users can take BI on the road and get personalized information from their mobile device of choice. Management and information workers will have the tools they need to stay up-to-date – helping to shorten sales cycles and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Get analysis and critical alerts on the go – Remote workers can use their wireless devices to directly view real-time metrics and documents from SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence and SAP Crystal Reports.
  • Act on decisions –Users can update information and trigger actions from mobile devices based on calls, SMS texts or email messages – enabling them to make decisions and take action anytime, anywhere and on any mobile device.


SAP Business Objects Explorer – Rapidly search and explore your big data and connect data to maps with location-based analytics. With SAP Business Objects Explorer you have:


Simplicity of Internet search

  • Google-like search experience – Search using keywords to instantaneously find the most relevant business information based, ranked on auto-scoring.
  • Search all BI resources and data sources – Search across the SAP Business Objects BI platform and any data source it accesses.
  • Self-service access to relevant information – Directly search data, without a required predefined report or query.

Trust and power of BI

  • Guided data exploration – Keyword searches are ranked with the most results presented first, allowing you to access additional contextually relevant details as you explore.
  • Intuitive visualization – Automatically generates the chart that best represents the information for immediate insight – no data model or data knowledge required.
  • Share trusted insights with others – Use e-mail, embedded URL and other popular BI formats to share information easily.

Rapid deployment

  • Fully leverages existing BI investments – Re-use existing metadata, security and administration services in the SAP Business Objects BI platform.
  • No business user training required – First-time users can get started with no training.
  • Up and running in days – In just a few days companies can add search and exploration functionality to their existing SAP Business Objects BI deployment.

SAP Event Insight – With real-time streaming you can get alerts on your mobile device and view information as events unfold. With SAP Event Insight you have:

  • Intelligent event grid – Get a complete view of business events with aggregated data across the distributed network.
  • Complex event processing (CEP) engine – Detect patterns that identify opportunities or threats by continuously processing through large volumes of raw data.
  • Integration with SAP Business Objects BI platform – Provide a single foundation for semantic layer, data models, queries, alert notifications; and delivery to mobile devices, dashboards and reports.
  • Administrative UI – Set up event agents on data sources (for example, data warehouses, applications, sensors and message-driven middleware) and monitor events across the network.