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Sybase IQ

Sybase IQ – Meet challenging analytics requirements with this highly optimized analytics server that delivers superior performance.

Faster Results for report acceleration, data mining and predictive

  • No. 1 column database: 10x to 100x faster than conventional transactional databases.
  • Supports heavy ad hoc query usage and large numbers of concurrent users.
  • Uses a wide range of advanced techniques and technologies to centralize "Big Data" analysis of massive volumes of structured and unstructured data together.

Best price-performance in the industry

  • Reduce data storage volumes by greater than 70% with data compression algorithms.
  • Reduces administration by 75% through superior management.
  • Get quick ROI through rapid deployment on commodity platforms.

Provides open, flexible column oriented architecture

  • Supports virtually all hardware and OS configurations.
  • Independently add compute power or storage capacity for grid scalability – at a reasonable cost.