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Information Steward

SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward – Get continuous insight into data quality and better understand and analyze the trustworthiness of your data.

SAP BusinessObjects Data Information Steward helps companies leverage features including:

  • Data profiling – Reduce the risk of propagating bad data through improving the information trustworthiness of data.
  • Metadata management – Consolidate, integrate and audit your metadata from all relevant sources.
  • Root cause and impact analysis – Determine the origin of data quality problems and how they impact downstream processes or information assets.
  • Validation rule management – Define data validation rules against data sources and apply rules continuously to monitor data quality.
  • Creation of a metadata business glossary – Encourage a common understanding and acceptance of business terms and create a central location for organizing them.
  • Development of cleansing packages – Create and reuse the rules, patterns and dictionary that comprise data cleansing packages.