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SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator – Create a complete view of enterprise information that can be delivered to any application tool in your enterprise.

SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator helps companies:

  • Comprehensive data integration functionality – Retrieve and integrate data from any source and design an efficient, reliable data integration process.
  • Native text data processing – Increased business insight by unlocking meaning from unstructured text data.
  • Extraction, transformation and load (ETL) functionality – Move and integrate data in real time and at any interval.
  • End-to-end metadata management – Understand impact and lineage between data from disparate systems, from data sources to BI environments.
  • Intuitive interface – Rapidly develop data integration projects using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, with the option to include data quality functionality.
  • Enterprise-class performance – Users can apply parallelism, caching and grid computing approaches to move massive amounts of data.