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Quality Management

SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Management – Improve data quality through a defined best record strategy, set match criteria, reduce duplicates, cleanse, validate addresses and enrich data with geographic attributes.

SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Management helps companies :

  • Show the impact of data quality problems on all downstream systems or applications with data quality dashboards that.
  • Capability to apply data quality transformations to all types of data, regardless of industry or data domain – such as structured to unstructured data as well as customer, product, supplier and material information.
  • Provides guided direction through the process of standardizing, correcting and matching data to reduce duplicates and identify relationships with intuitive business user interfaces and data quality blueprints.
  • Complete global data quality coverage with support for over 230 countries.
  • Comprehensive reference data.
  • Broad, heterogeneous application and system support for both SAP and non-SAP sources and targets.
  • Prepackaged native integration of data quality best practices for Informatica, SAP solutions and Oracle.
  • Intuitive transformations, a centralized business rule repository and object reuse optimize developer productivity and application maintenance.
  • Software that can meet high volume needs through parallel processing, grid computing and bulk data loading support through high performance and scalability.
  • Flexible technology deployment options, from an enterprise platform to intuitive APIs that allow developers quick data quality deployment and functionality.